Letters of recommendation

If you are an undergraduate student considering me as a potential letter writer, please read on:

My policy is to only write letters when I can write a strong and informed one. This means that if you have been taking one of my large classes for the past few months and that is the only way we have interacted, I probably won’t feel like I’m the best person to write your letter.

If you are considering me as a potential letter writer for the future, I ask that you:

  1. visit my office hours at least once
  2. provide me with one month of written notice before the first deadline
  3. with a set of materials I can use to write a well-informed letter.

The materials include (but are not exclusive to):

1. Your papers/assignments for my class

2. A copy of your resume and/or CV

3. A copy of your unofficial transcript

4. A draft of your application essay or personal statement

Feel free to share with me anything that would be helpful for me to know (e.g., what are things you want me to highlight in the letter given our interactions)–the more the better.

Finally, please write me a short email reminder a few days before any important deadlines.

Note. Please let me know if you will not be waiving your right to read your letter of recommendation.

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